Ticket FAQs

1. The links on your website are not working. What is the ticket website's address?


The ticket website is btco.booktix.com


2. Should I purchase my tickets in advance?


We always recommend purchasing in advance to secure your seats! Unless we sell out, there will always be tickets available at the door, however, to ensure the most efficient and quickest experience at our box office, we suggest purchasing in advance and and printing your tickets at home.


3. I purchased my tickets at home, but I forgot to bring them, my printer doesn't work, I don't have one, etc.


That's ok! When you purchase tickets, you have the option to print at home or pick them up at the box office. Even if you chose the print-at-home option and forgot them, we can easily pull up your order the night of the performance.


4. I purchased tickets but I now cannot attend the show. What do I do?


Please call or email Jessica at 609-661-2083 or jessica@bellarinetheatre.com and she will happily help you.


5. I am a season or playbill sponsor and I would like to use my complimentary tickets. How do I redeem them?


Please call or email Jessica at 609-661-2083 or jessica@bellarinetheatre.com and she will reserve your tickets for you.


6. I don't want to order tickets online. Can I call and speak to someone?


Absolutely. Please call Jessica at 609-661-2083.


7. Are there any fees when I use a credit card?


Yes, there is a processing fee of $1.50 or $1.75 per ticket that is added to your order. When ordering online, it will clearly break down all fees. When purchasing with a credit card at the door, these fees also apply.


8. Can I order tickets in advance without a credit card?


Yes, you can download a ticket order form for the performances of your choice and send us cash or a check. Your tickets will then be held for you at the door before the performance or event.