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Box Office Assistant

Responsible for serving our patrons by selling event tickets. Responsible for cash management and compliance. Operates a cash register and/or credit card equipment. Responsible for customer service and general area cleaning. Sells and processes ticket orders via mail, telephone, Internet, and over-the-counter. Distributes literature to patrons and answers questions in response to inquiries about shows and events. 

Run / Build Crew

As a member of the run crew for a production, you are an important and integral part of the production team. Run Crew helps the Assistant Stage Manager or Run Crew Head to set up the stage before tech rehearsals and performances, and to prepare and track props during techs and performances. As a member of the build crew, you will assist the Master Carpenter assemble the set, and paint if willing, able, and necessary. 

Stage Manager & Assistant Stage Manager

The role of the stage manager is especially important to the director in rehearsals.

Key responsibilities and tasks to perform in each phase of a production include:

  • scheduling and running rehearsals

  • communicating the director's wishes to designers and crafts people

  • coordinating the work of the stage crew

  • calling cues and possibly actors' entrances during performance

  • overseeing the entire show each time it is performed

  • mark out the dimensions of the set on the floor of the rehearsal hall

  • make sure rehearsal props and furnishings are available for the actors

  • attend all rehearsals

  • notify the designers and crafts people of changes made in rehearsal

This person MUST be/have:

  • Organized & Responsible

  • Proficient with technology

  • Drivers license & car is a plus

  • Prior experience is encouraged, but not required


We are always looking for musicians for our larger productions. Please send a resume attached with your email. Some positions have a stipend available.

Costume Designer

The Costume Designer will possess the ability to create and build costumes that helps set the mood for the actors’ performances and conveys a message to the audience as a visual aid. The Costume Designer confers with the Director regarding interpretation and costume requirements. He/she must possess excellent communication and organizational skills, must be self–motivated, efficient, and creative. 

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